Saturday, March 1, 2014

Finding Fey Excerpt (The Banshee's Bargain)

                             Finding Fey

               By C.L. Collar
      The Banshee's Bargain

 He turned and slowly made his way back to the fire. Her timing was horrible. He wasn’t ready to meet his maker. He had so many things left to do, but most importantly, he needed to get his novel published so he could leave his family debt free. The bank had given him one more week. She wouldn’t.

As he entered the parlor, he was greeted by a beautiful woman dressed to the nines in the latest fashion.  She had already poured herself a brandy from the decanter that always sat on the sidebar. In fact she had made herself right at home. She took a dainty sip of the sweet liquor and sat back in her chair, smiling.

Thomas had heard that the Banshee could take this guise, but he really hadn't believed it was true. Apparently he was wrong. He poured himself a whiskey and sat down in the chair facing hers.

“I’m glad to see someone will get enjoyment from my death,” he said, nonchalantly twirling his drink. 

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